The scoop on iodine

When I test people on the Zyto, especially those people with thyroiditis especially Hashimoto’s, iodine often comes up as a priority to consider. The refrain I hear over and over again is, “My MD told me to stop all iodine because it irritates the thyroid.”

Doctors are so busy these days they just parrot what they’ve been hearing for decades. Most doctors know little about nutrition and some haven’t even heard of Epstein Barr Virus, which is a common culprit in thyroid disease. But what if iodine were exactly what was needed?

Years ago I lived in the foothills of the Alps in Italy–it was common to see mountain people walking around with huge goiters because they had no iodine. They didn’t use iodized salt (not that I’m saying use iodized salt) nor did they eat fish or sea vegetables. These people got old before their time. I once met a woman who was 40 years old and she said, “I’m an old woman, Alexis. I have 40 years.”

Epstein Barr virus apparently has many strains and is often responsible for chronic fatigue syndrome. When I was 42 years old, I got hit with a terrible virus but in those days no one even heard of EBV. It’s a nasty virus that can go into remission but when the person is under tremendous stress, it can reactivate. This can be shown on blood tests.

To further enlighten you, here is a link to an article written by the author of The Medical Medium. Feel free to consider what he has to say and then decide for yourself if you want to eat sea vegetables or more dark leafy greens: