The Sun as Sanitizer: Use It

There’s nothing more powerful than sunshine. Try to spend some time everyday in the sun and if you are photophobic or conducive to skin cancer, take precautions.

If you wear a sweater or the same clothing daily, hang those articles out in the sun (but be aware the sun can also cause colors to fade) for a half hour. Set an alarm if you have to. Same with your shoes.

This is a good time to take off your shoes before entering your living space. First clean your floors and carpets (UV light wand a good investment). An ozone cleaner is a great cleanser but you have to leave your house for at least 30 minutes and remove all plants and pets. After ozonating your rooms (one at a time), open all windows. Ozone can irritate the lungs and you don’t want to breathe it in. The CDC says nothing about tracking germs into our houses after out walking about–most Americans don’t take off their shoes before entering their homes. This virus will train us to change our way of life. Yes, it’s inconvenient to change our ways, but our lives are at stake.

If you’re in an environment where you can garden, run or work up a sweat, feel free to get your body temperature up. The virus thrives in the cold. If you have any money left after the stock market crash, consider an infrared sauna.

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