Time flies when I’m having fun balancing people with SCIO biofeedback

A new patient asked today how long I’ve been using the SCIO in conjunction with my acupuncture practice. Twenty five years seems to have gone by in a flash. I must say, I am one grateful person to have discovered this amazing technology that more often than not gets to the crux of why a person is suffering.

After a SCIO session, I like to do an acupuncture treatment just to tie up loose ends and make sure the meridian system is flowing. People report, “I feel tingly all over, “I feel scrubbed clean from the inside out,” “I feel like someone has my back.”

SCIO has been a godsend not just for me personally (it got me through chronic fatigue syndrome) but over the years I have used it on my mother, brother, aunt and uncle. When someone needs a pick-me-up or a new awareness to get them unstuck either mentally, physically or emotionally, SCIO works.

Alexis Rotella, M.Ac., 410 384 9183, Arnold, Maryland