Corona Virus — What to Do?

Every morning I take a shot of colloidial silver. I carry a glass spray bottle in my purse and after I shop, I spray my hands, face, hair even my clothes. Silver kills bacteria, viruses, fungus.

The brand I use is from Reiki Ranch–it’s called Silver Water.

There’s information coming out that vitamin C IVS are being used to treat the virus which makes a lot of sense, but there are few physicians in this country who know how to to administer it, let alone are they open to its effectiveness.

If you’re prone to lung infections and frequently get the flu, you might want to check where you live to see if mold is not insidiously contributing to your problem. And needless to say, people still smoke, even some health care practitioners. Stop!

Take care of your immune system in whatever way you can. Silver is inexpensive and it’s my go-to remedy for staying healthy. I also keep on hand the most up-to-date influenza homeopathic remedy. I get my supply from Washington Homeopathics. Keep in mind that oscillococcinum (available in many stores) is a good remedy to carry in your handbag. At the first sign of a respiratory infection, empty a tube of the tiny pellets under the tongue, let them dissolve and continue on with your life.

But speak to your own health-care professional–they hopefully can advise you on how to take care of yourself during this challenging time. Remember, too, that panic and stress aren’t exactly nurturing to the immune system.