Trying to Figure Out What’s Wrong with You?

So, you went to your GP for swollen ankles and he referred you to a cardiologist and an urologist but they found nothing amiss. Who will he send you to next? Since insurance covers most medical visits, doctors may think you have all the time in the world to travel hither and yon. And remember the doctor network where they refer to their friends so they can get referrals.

A computerized scanning system called Zyto just may be able to give you and your doctor some hints so you don’t spend the next six months going from one specialist to another. In just a few moments, your most stressed organs, glands and systems will reveal which one or ones are asking for help. We can ask your body, via the acupuncture meridian system, what is causing the problem–is it a virus, a bacteria, allergen?

While Zyto sessions are not covered by insurance, this technology can save you a lot of time and time is in the long run, money.