Turmeric: Why Use It?

Turmeric which some use in cooking is an anti-inflammatory herb which comes in capsule form. It’s helpful for any inflammatory condition from Epstein Barr Virus, to colds to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. A capsule taken with every meal or sprinkled on food also helps digestion and  keeps microbe levels managed. It also helps to control pain.

Not all turmeric is created equal — if you open a capsule and don’t get a pleasant hit when you smell it, then it’s a cheaper grade.

Turmeric is a great support for the liver and gall bladder; in fact it’s one of the ingredients used in a mini liver/gallbladder flush (taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning).  Here’s how:

Into a tall glass of organic tomato juice, add a crushed clove of garlic, two turmeric capsules, two biliven (from Premier Research Labs) and a tablespoon of virgin olive oil.  Mix ingredients and drink.  I find this particularly helpful after holidays and celebrations when I eat too many rich foods.

Another tip, when eating in restaurants, always take turmeric with you to kill any bacteria that might find its way onto your plate.