Valentine’s Day: Loving Ourselves and Why It’s Important

We are all born with an inner critic. Perhaps it goes back to the Garden of Eden myth when we were conditioned to believe that we are sinners, that we don’t measure up to society’s or family standards. Behind every symptom is a message begging us to pay attention to the unconscious message that is knocking on our “door.” If the pain is bad enough, we might eek out every kind of therapy available hoping to be rid of the nuisance. And in fact, there are acupuncturists who focus only on pain control and diminishing symptoms which, in my opinion, is short sighted.

If we just cover up a pain in the neck, it has a way of knocking on another part of the body–perhaps the knee or elbow. That’s why I extricated myself from a traditional Chinese Medicine school in California to opt for a holistic approach to acupuncture healing in Miami where we were trained to understand that unless the emotions and spirit of a person are addressed, there can be no true healing. I committed to a three-year commute from the Bay Area to Florida several times a year for training and where I apprenticed with the late Beth Hamilton in Santa Cruz in her Five Element Clinic. My training included how important it is to learn self love, to stop being critical of our body. Instead of being slave to our inner critic, to turn it into an inner coach.

I observe when patients, in conjunction with Five Element Acupuncture, start talking to their cells in a loving way, they get well quicker. I started acupuncture school at age 48 after having gone through three years of chronic fatigue. Had I not learned to talk to my body like every day was Valentine’s Day, I wouldn’t have made it through.