We All Have a Wound

Five Element Acupuncture differs from traditional Chinese medicine in its basic philosophy. The late Professor John R. Worsley, my teacher, taught us that every person is born with a wound. That wound expresses itself throughout our life and in most cases, dictates how we see the world and how we interact. A deep spiritual wound is like an invisible scar that leaves its imprint on our spirit/mind/body.

We are taught how to recognize that wound in patients. When a person is born or shortly thereafter, one of their meridians takes a hit. No one is immune. For example, when a child is abandoned by its mother, their stomach or spleen is impacted. We can’t go back and undo the past, but we can bolster those meridians with acupuncture. When our wound is acknowledged and addressed, it can become our greatest gift. Our wounds are often what stirs us on to achieve greatness.

FIve Element Acupuncture, in its wisdom, does not focus on symptoms. It goes to the root of the matter, listens to what the symptoms are pointing to.

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