What Kind of Patient Can I Most Help?

My track record with fatigue is exceptional. I ask a patient to commit to ten sessions. While acupuncture can certainly help, if a person has been ill for a long time, it takes a number of sessions for the patient to be able to hold a treatment. Sometimes the person feels better for two days after the first session, then after the third or fourth session they may be able to hold the energy for three or four days. Each person is different and not everyone is treated the same way.


Sometimes a patient needs supplements and a tweak in their diet. What differentiates me from most acupuncturists is that I am also a certified nutritionist with years of experience in electrodermal screening. I use two computers — the IQS and the Zyto.


I offer a free food evaluation with the initial consult. Call me at 410 384 9183 to see if we’re a match.