What to Do for an Anxious Child or Adult?

It often takes a team to address a number of different concerns. But as I tell those who come to me, addressing electromagnetic frequencies is vital. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, one of my mentors, stresses to parents that unless EMF is taken care of, the child will not make progress. This is true for adults as well.

A woman recently came to me who had been bitten by a tick. She presented with various symptoms, the highest being anxiety and fear. Although I suggested several modalities to help, she got tremendous relief by turning off the circuit breaker at night so her nervous system could calm down. Her husband was right on board with her (not all spouses are). In her case, her sleep improved immediately and when we get a good night’s sleep, everything else seems to improve.

Practical homeopathic remedies are a great help with anxiety. Anxiety is usually accompanied by other symptoms. The key is to find the right gentle remedy which is given twice a day for usually several weeks. Since homeopathy is not a drug, remedies are safe.