What’s Love Got to Do with Your Kidneys?

Here’s an article about dynamo Tina Turner and how at age 78 her husband donated one of his kidneys so she would be able to survive and thrive:


Chinese Medicine has a lot to say about the kidneys and how they are the dynamos that keep us going. Chinese Medicine practitioners don’t differentiate between the adrenals and kidneys — they are considered the same organ. We don’t think about them until we’re out of juice. Then the little guys, the adrenals, that sit on top the kidneys become the center of our world.

Burn out is not a fun thing to go through. In fact, it’s downright frightening. When our kidneys start to lose energy, it’s a wake up call that the body needs rest and lots of it.

Consider Tina Turner’s long ride through the land of rock and roll and how even in her later years, she kept on rolling with the river. Her song Better Be Good To Me is not about being good to the kidneys or the body that houses the spirit, but it could be the theme song that, if the kidneys were able, might sing to us.

Practitioners of acupuncture caution patients to respect their age…in other words, we can’t live forever but if we want to live a healthier life, to realize that the things we did when we were younger are not what we are supposed to do at the same pace when we reach 70 or 80.

The kidneys, according to ancient practitioners of acupuncture, are the main furnace of our body. They are what generate the heat that keeps us going. The kidneys are related to the ears. When our kidneys start to lose energy, hearing is not as keen, tinnitus can set in. Kidneys rule the hair on our head and it’s no secret that many men and women lose their hair as they age. We all know uncles and parents who suddenly lost hair during the war because of being in stressful situations morning till night.

When the kidneys are not taken care of, anxiety and panic set in. Consider all the young men and women with PTSD who turn to drugs to mask their symptoms when acupuncture can do so much for people in distress. I had a patient who was on opiods. The medical profession gave up on him and it was only when he was on my table that he was able to relax and feel hope. Unfortunately, his Blue Cross insurance came to an end and he had to go on Medicare which acupuncture doesn’t cover. That added to his stress. When we don’t have good kidney “chi” (energy), it’s hard to make a living.

In short, it’s a good idea to take care of your kidneys thus ensuring a better future. Listen to calming music, take walks in nature, get a hobby that relaxes you, spend less time on social media. Speaking of music, if what you’re listening to makes you feel rattled and gets your adrenaline pumping, you know your kidneys/adrenals are pumping extra hard. Ask yourself, “Can I afford to do this to myself?” How long can you afford to push down on the accelerator of your pink Cadillac?