When Digestive Issues Don’t Resolve with Nutrition or Acupuncture

Think atlas chiropractic adjustment. The atlas is the first cervical vertebra. It holds up the head. The vagus nerve sits right there. It is a long nerve that when disturbed can cause all sorts of digestive upsets not to mention dizziness and headaches.

Most chiropractors are not trained in atlas adjustment techniques. We in the Annapolis area are fortunate to have Dr. Marc Schwartz on West Street. Atlas adjustments do not hurt–the snap crackle pop variety of acupuncture won’t do the trick. All that is required is that the patient lie on his or her side then position the head accordingly. Measurements are taken and then with a click of a button behind the left ear the atlas is adjusted.

Here’s a link from Mental Floss to help acquaint you with your vagus nerve: