Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can: The Missing Link

When I don’t receive acupuncture, after two weeks I start to feel like I’m just not completely myself. My energy flow starts to slow down and it’s harder

to stay positive about what’s happening in the world. Acupuncture works on a physical level but also  mentally, emotionally  and spiritually. But when it comes

to true healing and staying healthy, the missing link is addressing electromagnetic toxicity. We live in a new wireless age. We love our smart phones, ipads,

video games. We spend hours every day slouched over computers.


Two of my mentors, both medical doctors, are Joseph Mercola and Dietrich Klinghardt. I’ve attended Klinghardt seminars where Joe Mercola was in the

audience taking copious notes. They are two serious doctors–Mercola is a researcher while Klinghardt works in the trenches treating autism, Lyme disease and

a gamut of chronic illnesses that Materia Medica doesn’t successfully address.


Here’s your chance to become informed about the insidiousness of wireless technology. Feel free to take out your notebook and after you’re done

taking time out to listen to this important life-changing information, try turning off your wireless connection at night for a few days and see if you

don’t feel better. I teach my patients all about electromagnetic frequencies and how being wired up 24/7  is harmful.  My patients who’ve

taken steps to mitigate their exposure find that their acupuncture treatments hold and they don’t have to come back as often for tune ups.


Alexis Rotella, M.Ac.


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