Your Words Have Power — Listen to What You Tell Yourself and Others

Yes, the Blue Angels are making a lot of noise stirring up the sky. Many people love when the Blue Angels come to their area but there are those who react adversely to loud noise and the vibrations that go along with them. The good news is they don’t stay long.

A patient of mine called to complain of rectal pain, a rare symptom that she hasn’t experienced in years. She thought she might be getting piles even though her bowel movements are regular. I noticed she said several times in the space of a few minutes that the loud noise is “a pain in the ass.”

When I called this to her attention, she laughed. But later she told me that as soon as she realized what she was creating, the rectal pain disappeared.

I wrote HOW WORDS AND THOUGHTS EFFECT YOUR BODY way back in 1981 when this idea was still a strange one. It’s available on Amazon or if you want to order directly from me, feel free to do so.