Zyto and Evox Technology: Some Questions Answered

Will I become addicted to the Evox or Zyto? Do I have to keep coming back?

Evox and Zyto are energetic medicine. Your hand is placed on a cradle while the programs scan your meridian system to gain access to the information your subconscious wants to share. There is no addiction involved.

I generally see compliant patients monthly for Zyto scans, patients who are devoted to their wellness. The Zyto offers information — information is what people need. Otherwise they wouldn’t come to my clinic for an analysis. Often I see patients several times a year for those who are on a health maintenance program, e.g., people who are feeling well but who want to keep on top of things.

The Evox helps people change their perceptions about a particular topic, e.g., dislike of their boss or being patient with their teenage daughter. I require five visits to be completed within a two-week period, three the first week and two the second. I am not flexible on this. We need to build a momentum. The Evox uses voice activation while one’s hand is also on the cradle scanning the subconscious and feeding positive affirmations back to it. Think of it this way — a perception is just a rut in a record (for those of you who remember the old plastic 78’s and 45’s). An idea gets stuck and one never gets beyond the rut–they keep thinking their mother-in-law is a pain in the neck until they literally get a pain in the neck.

Can the Evox resolve an issue in one session?

No. No program is going to solve your problems. It is just an aid — you do the work. You are responsible for your own healing/process. I don’t do quick-fix therapy. On the other hand, I am like a mother bird who when the fledglings are able to fly are encouraged out of the nest.

Most people do see a shift in their thinking after the first session, a bigger shift after the second and subsequent sessions. I require five sessions to be paid upfront–no exceptions.

Do the Evox and Zyto really work?

I have to laugh when people ask me this question. When people make an appointment for acupuncture, sometimes they ask, “Does this really work?” I didn’t spend years in school and years practicing Oriental Medicine because it doesn’t work.  I studied these techniques because they worked and continue to work for me personally and those who come to me because THEY WANT THEIR LIVES TO WORK. When we eat foods that are keeping us sick, when we harbor thoughts that harm us, we don’t get better — we stay stuck.