Zyto and How This Technology Can Help Determine if Gluten is a No No for YOU

A blood test can readily tell if celiac disease is an issue, but just because celiac shows as a negative, doesn’t necessarily mean that gluten is a good thing to eat. In fact, one of the most inflammatory brain foods happens to be gluten, along with excess sugar, fried foods, processed foods and conventionally-raised meats and vegetables.

Zyto technology, a computerized nutritional assessment software program, is a tool I use in my wellness clinic to help determine what foods are best avoided as well as foods that the body wants. We are all different and our needs for certain foods change. Any food we eat all the time can well become inflammatory causing brain fog, fatigue and low brain endurance. In fact, when I test people on the Zyto, the foods that often show up are the ones people eat on a daily basis, such as eggs.

Recently discovered is the fact that there are foods that mimic gluten, also referred to as cross-reactive gluten foods. Here is a list of some of them:

Cow milk
oats (gluten-free)
milk chocolate
white quinoa
nuts (except for Brazil, walnut, pecans)
instant rice
sesame seeds (tahini)

When a number of these items appear on a Zyto scan as negative foods, that can be an indication that gluten sensitivity might be something to seriously consider.

There are many people who avoid wheat and products containing gluten but still have brain fog or
gut issues. So many patients hope that by avoiding breads containing gluten that they’ll start to lose weight but that is seldom the case. I’ve noticed a number of my patients with belly fat (a marker of inflammation) seem to be gluten sensitive even though blood tests don’t reveal that as the case, while Zyto (which is an energetic scan) often shows gluten to be a positive factor.

There’s a saying in Chinese Medicine — “Blood follows chi” which essentially means that the physical always obeys the energetic. In other words, nothing manifests on the physical plane unless it first appears as energy. The beauty of Zyto scans is not only are they quick and painless, but they’re informative on many levels. They can often pinpoint problems before a blood test because energetic markers are superior to the physical.

A complimentary Zyto food scan is included in our initial acupuncture in-take session. For a short period of time, we at the Jade Spring Health Center are offering a 55-minute consultation for only $47 where we will discuss your history and how we might be able to help you achieve not only better, but terrific health.