How Zyto Technology Can Help Target the Nutrition Your Thyroid Needs

There’s no doubt about it, if a person’s thyroid labs are “borderline” and a doctor suggests “just watching it,” they don’t have a clue what’s going on. When a house is on fire, do you just stand there and watch or call 911? There have been medical doctors who’ve asked me if I could help their daughters with fatigue because they simply didn’t know where to begin.

When many of my patients show me their thyroid labs and I notice that the antibodies have not been tested, I send them back to their doctor for another script for a blood lab. Not unusual for a medical doctor to say it’s not necessary. Sometimes the patient feels so intimidated I refer them to another medical doctor who will order the necessary tests. More often that not, a doctor might say it’s all in the person’s head — that they need a trip to the islands not understanding that the patient was too tired to even pack a suitcase.

But even with acceptable blood lab results, the patient can still feel tired and anxious and robbed of sufficient energy to do the things they need to do. That’s why I invested in ZYTO technology to test to see what’s going on on an energetic level. If indeed the thyroid shows up as the main issue, I will test to see what foods might be exacerbating the condition, especially if Hashimboto’s thyroiditis is on board which means the immune system is attacking and destroying the thyroid.

Gluten is always a factor with Hashimoto’s but so are a lot of other foods and substances we feed the body. The Zyto, in just a few minutes, will scan a person’s energetic system to reveal what items the body needs as well as those the body has a problem with. And I’ve experienced firsthand that the energetic results are usually more accurate than blood tests.

When Hashimoto’s is a problem, we need to ask why is the immune system attacking the thyroid? More clearly, is it really attacking the thyroid or something in the thyroid that the immune system considers an antagonist?

The three biggest culprits the thyroid harbors are viruses (sometimes more than one), heavy metals (sometimes more than one) and chemicals (again, sometimes more than one). It would take many blood tests and many hours to even try to figure out what’s going on. But with Zyto technology, it’s possible to energetically target what needs to be gingerly detoxed, as well as what remedy is recommended and at what dose.

I spent years going in circles trying to figure out why I was feeling such fatigue. I spent thousands of dollars going from one clinician to another and paying out of pocket for nonanswers which only brought me more exasperation. I got to the point where I stopped allowing doctors to send me home with a bagful of supplements only to feel sicker. It wasn’t until I got the Zyto
was I able to accurately figure out what my body wanted to deal with and how. I learned by using the Zyto that to go slower is to go faster…that the body needs two main things — homeopathics to drain the organs of elimination and binders such as bentonite or zeolite to eliminate recirculaton of toxins. Unless binders and drainers are first introduced to the body, the person will just feel sicker and more sluggish. To put new wine into old wine skins is irrational and dangerous.

Many will ask, is Zyto covered by insurance? It is not — neither are many things that are good for us. However, acupuncture is covered and keeping the energy systems of the body balanced is vital to getting well.

I am offering, for a limited time only, a free Zyto food scan when you sign up for a 55-minute consultation to see how I can help you feel better. This is a $249 value for only $47. This is not a canned report but is unique to only you. If you’re looking for a practitioner who has your best interests at heart, I may be it. Here’s your chance to see if you like the vibes and if we both think we can make a good team. I have dedicated my life to helping others and I know how a cabinet filled with supplements never gave me a jump start.